Welcome to the website of Titaya ehf. The site is still being developed and further information on our activities and projects are yet to come.

What we do

We invest in residential and commercial real estate property in the capital area of Iceland
We rent out on long-term basis our properties
We purchase land for Real Estate Development projects
We manage and maintain our properties
We invest in leasing projects
We manage businesses and services related to our properties

We welcome your inquiries for new projects!


Titaya ehf, established in Iceland on 1 January 2009, is a Real Estate company engaged with RE investment, management and maintenance, long-term renting, and general operation of businesses related to our property portfolio. Furthermore, Titaya invests in land and manages RE development projects. Activities are primarily centered in the capital area of Iceland.


New Property Development project

Titaya has recently invested in land at the outskirt of Reykjavik, capital area of Iceland. Future plan includes development of the area into residential homes. Upon completion of the urban planning, we will welcome cooperation with construction companies and investors.


Please feel free to get in touch with us, whether it relates to new opportunities or ongoing business.